Fenestra Offers an Entrepreneurial, Collaborative Workplace

If you’re seeking an entrepreneurial, creative environment, where colleagues respect and appreciate each other’s viewpoints, than Fenestra may be an ideal fit for you.  We have built a team of highly skilled, highly motivated professionals who accept responsibility for their work, take initiative, and produce high quality results.

Our team of professionals come from a variety of industries and skill sets, which results in innovative solutions to complex challenges, and makes Fenestra a strong resource for our clients.

In addition to a collegial, collaborative environment, we offer a competitive salary and benefits package. To apply for the below positions, or to inquire about possible future positions, please submit your resume to careers@fenestra.com.

Here are Fenestra’s current job openings:

Business Development Associate

We are seeking a highly motivated Business Development Associate to assist in acquiring new civilian Federal Accounts. Fenestra’s expertise includes researching and developing high leverage information technologies that assist civilian Federal Agencies in augmenting and/or optimizing mission critical business processes. Past projects include designing and developing automated publication of surveys and system independent data capture systems for the Census Bureau, along with designing and developing technologies for digital archiving and long-term digital preservation for the National Archives.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Assist in defining best fit target areas for Fenestra
  • Identify potential business opportunities the match target areas
  • Establish and maintain solid relationships with targeted civilian, Federal agencies, and agency decision makers
  • Prepare high quality responses to RFPs that fit target areas
  • Prepare and submit unsolicited proposals where key unmet needs are identified

Experience in preparing responses to RFPs and winning contracts from civilian Federal Government agencies is required. Please submit your resume to careers@fenestra.com.

Our Images

May Day on Market Street, by local award-winning artist Ellen Byrne, illustrates the creativity found in abundance in downtown Frederick. Market St. is alive with its blending of historic storefronts awash with colors, flowers and lights, along with exciting events. The same creativity is found at Fenestra, where our diverse staff and decentralized decision-making allows everyone to delve into their artistic sides, and come up with innovative, "ah ha" solutions!