We Create Inventive Solutions to Your Toughest Problems


Fenestra’s focused team of seasoned It professionals is adept at understanding your agency or company’s language, and how you operate. Because of our diverse backgrounds, we can quickly absorb your domain knowledge, and then help open your team to creative new possibilities.

At Fenestra, we help our customers take a non-traditional, “three-dimensional” approach to their project’s challenges. This often results in business process re-engineering, revised work flows, and then creating the software to bring the solution together.

Plus, our knowledge, commitment and innovation are contagious: we become a “force multiplier” that can inspire the entire team to higher levels of performance and collaboration.

Here are the services Fenestra offers clients:


Electronic Questionnaires

Fenestra developed the Generalized Instrument Design System (GIDS), the first general-purpose questionnaire design system used by the Census Bureau. They have been digitizing Census Bureau projects for more than a decade, and utilized GIDS to publish paper and electronic forms for the bureau’s two most recent economic censuses, as well as numerous interim annual surveys. Fenestra staff headed a government-industry team called the E-Forms for E-Government pilot, which evaluated the latest standards for publishing electronic forms.

Digital Archiving

As a subcontractor to Lockheed Martin, Fenestra worked with the National Archives Records Administration, NARA, on a project to digitize, preserve and provide long-term access to vital electronic records of the U.S. government. Fenestra became the recognized domain expert on digital archiving on the ERA program in just a few months, and leveraged this expertise to serve as the program spokesperson, and as a liaison between their customer and the program’s software engineers. Through the years, Fenestra also contributed to multiple patents on the Electronic Records Archives (ERA) System Architecture and Design deliverable.

Metadata Driven Systems

Fenestra worked as a subcontractor to Lockheed Martin in developing a state-of-the-art metadata driven forms design systems, developing a rules-based layout process for the Census Bureau that automatically designs large sections of variable question content based on rules and style sheets. They also championed using XML for file transfers.

Digital Video

Fenestra is currently working on a large scale video collection project.

Technology & Solutions

Each client has its own culture, and each project its’ own set of complexities. We begin by understanding your unique situation, and then partner with all of the stakeholders to create a cohesive team and inventive solutions.

Systems Integration

We analyze existing client information systems, applications and platforms, and then design solutions that sustain or extend system performance and availability. Fenestra utilizes their past experience and technical expertise to evaluate competing solutions, and then develop the best one based on your needs.

Integration abilities include:

  • Commercial off the shelf (COTS) integration

  • Website management

  • Interoperability and testing

  • Open-source selection and integration

  • Documents and records management

Software and Systems Development

Fenestra designs, develops and delivers custom software systems and applications, and integrates COTS solutions utilizing industry best practices and agile development.

Clients benefit from our expertise in:

  • Full life cycle requirements and configuration management

  • Legacy migration and modernization

  • Database architecture and implementation

  • System and software operations and maintenance

  • Manual and automated testing

  • Multi-platform deployment

  • Requirements management

  • Service-oriented architecture

Information Technology Skills

  • Computer language theory and design, including developing domain-specific languages and associated parsers, compiler and interpreters

  • Object-oriented programming (Object Pascal, Java, C#, JavaScipt, Ruby, PHP)

  • Functional programming (Scheme, Haskell, ML family, Scala)

  • Web-based protocols (HTTP/HTML, XML/XML Schema, YAML, SOAP, RESTful)

  • Relational and object databases (Oracle, SQLite, Interbase, Tamino, SQL Server, Amazon RDS)

  • Configuration management and issue tracking (StarTeam, git, Redmine)

  • Agile development methods (Scrum, test-driven development)

  • HP Quick Test Professional

  • Section 508 compliance testing